Condensate recovery system – Mechanical condensate pump

Recovery of condensate water for boilers, boilers, steam systems. Condensate recovery system



What is condensate?

Condensate is the steam which loses heat during transportation in pipes or after heat exchange.

Purpose of recovery of condensate for boilers:

Make use of heat
Reduce the amount of furnace discharge
Reduce the amount of added water

Thereby reducing the amount of fuel burned, reducing chemicals, reducing operating costs, maximizing boiler efficiency …

In fact, we often advise our customers on condensate recovery pump systems – mechanical condensate recovery stations for boilers for the many benefits it offers, including:

No power consumption
Long service life
No fire, explosion


The recovery time is from 4 to 16 months depending on the steam capacity you use. Of course the initial investment will be higher than the electric pump but in the long run you will find it much more efficient.

We have consulted and installed for many customers the systems – pump stations to recover condensate for the boiler by mechanical pumps.



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