Pressure Ducting Valve for oil and diesel

In the petroleum industry, long-distance transmission requires the use of booster pumps to propel the material to a long distance in the main pipeline. When dividing pipes into branches at facilities, it is imperative to use pressure-relief valves to reduce the pressure of the medium to a certain level with the purpose of protecting pipelines and conveying equipment. last.

Improper selection and use of a fuel pressure regulator valve may damage the rear units and cause fluid leakage. For example, with each drop of diameter 0.4mm / s, in 1 year we lose up to 200L. So to see the importance of the pressure valve.

With experience, we often advise customers to use gasoline – diesel pressure regulating valves from highly reliable manufacturers from industrialized countries G7 or EU. Gasoline-diesel pressure regulating valves are specially designed for use because the solvents have a higher viscosity index than water, compressed air, heat …

We recommend that you use: Yoshitake GD-200, GD-200H pressure regulating valve for reducing gasoline – diesel oil pressure.

Pressure regulator GD-200, GD-200H:

– Inlet pressure up to: 1.0MPa (GD-200) and 2.0MPa with GD-200H

– Use temperature: 5 -80 degrees Celsius

– Gray cast iron body, connecting Jis10K, Jis20K flanges

– Size: 15A -150A

– Used for gasoline, diesel and chemicals with viscosity below 600 cSt


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