V2P is a Distributor of AZ armaturen valves in Vietnam

Distributor of AZ armaturen valves in Vietnam



V2P is the official distributor of AZ products in Vietnam. We are proud to be a professional distributor chosen by large manufacturers as distributors in Vietnam.

AZ Armature is a specialized valve manufacturer in Germany, with factories in many countries: Germany, Brazil, China … AZ’s valve products serve the industries: Chemicals, oil refining, houses paper machines, thermal and hydroelectric plants, mining, steel industry …

Lining valve products such as: ball valve, liner valve … serve many factories, need stability and durability. The chemical leakage into the environment is particularly serious, which affects greatly production. Therefore, the use of AZ valves is a wise choice.




Specialized valve products for acids: HCL, H2SO4, HF, HNO3, H3PO4 with concentration up to 99% of AZ which are famous in the world. Top quality and excellent chemical resistance have made a name for itself in the specialized valve industry.


Pls contact: Mr Phong +84936 662 69O (Vietnam)/ Mail: phong@vanphongphu.com

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