What is check valve? How many check valves ?



Check valves are used a lot in life, sometimes we see many types of check valves that do not fully understand them. Today we would like to summarize and summarize the 1-way valve:

Definition A check valve is a type of valve that allows the solvent to pass through without being returned (like it is a one-way street).

What it does: A check valve protects the pipe from a drop in front of the valve, that is, when the fluid in the pipe in front of the valve drops, the fluid behind the valve will not flow back to where it was pushed. One-way mounting also protects the pipe from breakage caused by pressure drop. In addition, it also has flow direction separator.

Application: Check valve used for water, gas, oil, compressed air, steam …

Principle of operation: The non-return valve operates thanks to the pressure difference before and after the valve. The valve opens when the pressure before the valve is greater than the pressure of the valve’s default spring, the valve closes when the pressure before the valve is less than the pressure of the spring.



1- Swing check valve


2- Lift check valve


3- Wafer type check valve



4- Ball check valve

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