What is the difference between a globe valve and a gate valve


The difference between globe valve and gate valve

Before we can compare globe valves and gate valves, we need to understand what is a globe valve? What is a gate valve?

Globe valves and gate valves are the two types of valves used in many pipelines, they have many similarities in materials and appearance, sometimes people confuse the two types because of the shape. quite similar of some gate valve lines with globe valves. We would like to point out the differences so that readers can easily distinguish.


Fig1: Gate valve


Fig 2: Globe valve


1- valve structure

– Globe valve: has a horizontal valve disc structure, a saddle-shaped body or a falling letter, so it is also known as a falling valve

– Gate valve: valve disc structure is a form of vertical wedges such as a door or gate, the opening and closing will be faster than the globe valve.

2- Function used

– The outer valve is used to close – open the fluid, it also has the effect of regulating the solvent in the pipe as you like.

– Gate valve – gate valve is only used to open and close the medium only, if used to regulate the medium will not stand and will damage the valve disc. Gate valves are usually installed at the upstream, and globe valves are often installed at the end of the pipe.

3- The flow of the medium

– Globe valves have a fluid flow in a certain direction and are clearly specified on the valve body. It has 3-5 times more flow resistance than gate valve.

– Gate valves – gate valves flow in both directions without necessarily having to be set in either direction. In addition, it has a very low flow resistance coefficient from 0.08 – 0.12

4- Cost

What we are interested in is the price of the two valves. Globe valves are always priced higher than gate valves, gate valves are the second cheapest after the butterfly valve.

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