KSB Valve

KSB, an old brand from Germany, was founded in 1871 with sales of more than 2 billion euros per year. KSB manufactures pumps and valves, supplying them to the world thanks to a team of 15,700 people.

KSB valve products are widely used in industries with high quality, drag replacement time. They are applied both in chemical and corrosive, liquid mud and solid …

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Van 1 chiều PN16 KSB BOA-R Vật liệu JL 1040 Nhiệt độ tối đa 350 độ C Dùng: hơi, khí nén,
Lọc Y nối bích PN16 PN25 KSB BOA-S Vật liệu JL1040 Nhiệt độ tối đa 350 độ C Dùng cho: Hơi,
KSB BOA-H Body: JL1040 Bellows: SS316Ti Temperature: 350°C Connection: PN16, PN25 Application: Steam, air, oil, hot water
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