About us


Phong Phu Valve (V2P) is a valve trading brand from PH Technical Co., Ltd. With a team of passionate young engineers and working spirit, we bring you the best products with sincere advice.

We supply valve products: Safety valve, pressure reducing valve, steam trap, Y strainer, solenoid valve, butterfly valve, globe valve, gate valve, ball valve, expansion joint . ..for industries and applications: textiles, petroleum, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, LPG, sugar cane, sea water …


Commitment and Philosophy

Our mission is to bring quality products, optimal solutions for customers to bring high efficiency, cost savings.

Our working philosophy includes professional training for employees, building a professional style, providing quality and honest products to customers.

We promise that the products we produce or distribute are the quality products of industrialized countries, after-sales services are the best for you.


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