Samwoo Valve

Samwoo butterfly valve from South Korea, the company is a famous butterfly valve manufacturer with high-performance products, large diameter. Widely used with industries: Chemicals, LPG, steam, textiles, sugar cane, petroleum, food, sea water …

Samwoo butterfly valve with large diameters from DN50 -DN2000, spreading a wide range of products with all connection standards: JIS, PN, DIN …, working pressure up to 25bar ~ 2.5MPa, working temperature from – 100 degrees to 450 degrees C

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Body: ISUS304, 316 Max.Temperature: 200  Max.Pressure: 10bar -16bar Connection: Jis10K, PN10, PN16, Class150 Application: Steam, air, hot water, oil
Samwoo HP butterfly for steam in Vietnam Body: ISUS304, 316 Max.Temperature: 200 đ Max.Pressure: 10bar -16bar Connection: Jis10K, PN10,
Van bướm gang tay quay Samwoo Nhiệt độ tối đa 110 độ C Dùng cho: Nước, dầu, gas
Van bướm gang tay gạt Samwoo Nhiệt độ làm việc tối đa 110 độ C Thường dùng: khí gas, nước, dầu
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