In life sometimes we come across copper types with names such as: copper, brass or gray copper without understanding their nature of what it is, how it is, why it is called that way. So learn to distinguish between copper and copper?


What is copper?

Copper is a flexible metal with high electrical and thermal conductivity, symbolized Cu and melting at 1,085 degrees Celsius.


Copper is a pure red copper. Copper is used for many products because of its high electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, good formatting ability … Pipe fittings, industrial valves, electrical cables all use copper, copper is easy to use. welding and polishing. In addition, copper is also resistant to bacteria and can 99.99% of bacteria after more than 2 hours of exposure.


Brass is an alloy between copper and zinc, it is light yellow and looks like gold. Depending on the proportion of zinc in the mixture, it varies in color, ductility and durability.

If the zinc content is from 32% – 39%, it will increase heat resistance but limit cold tolerance

If the zinc content is> 39%, it has increased strength and reduced ductility

Brass has many applications in decoration, musical instruments and in industry.


An alloy of copper with nickel, phosphorus, aluminum, manganese, silicon. All of these components make a alloy harder than pure copper. This copper has a characteristic dull gold color, it is used for sculpture, musical instruments, and in industrial applications.

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