What is a angle seat valve

What is a angle seat valve? What is a pneumatic angle seat valve? What is an angle valve used for? How does angle valve work? 


1- What is a angle seat valve?

Angle seat valve is a valve belonging to a globe valve with a tilt structure that opens and closes by the piston and adopts a crank or pneumatic actuator, like other valves, it is also used a lot in industry. especially the steam and water industries.
The angle seat valve has a low level of resistance to water flow and is less affected by water hammers compared to other valves


2- Classification of angle seat valve

We can classify the oblique valve according to two main types, of which the pneumatic slant valve is more commonly used. In addition, these can also be classified according to the normally-closed and the normally-open.

– Hand wheel angle seat valve

– Pneumatic angle seat valve


3- Structure of angle seat valve

The valve structure is quite simple and is divided into 3 main parts for easy understanding, including:

– Body: stainless steel, copper, steel …

– Piston

– Actuator: Hand wheel or pneumatic

4- Working principle of the angle seat valve

The valve operates open and closed by the piston through a hand wheel or pneumatic control mechanism. With a crank like a globe valve, when rotating in the direction of opening the symbol, the piston lifts and the solvent passes, while when the piston is back, the piston closes and the flow is interrupted.

For pneumatic control, the air pressure entering the actuation valve chamber pushes the piston moving so that the valve opens, while the valve is stopped when the supply is stopped. Note that the same principle applies to normally open valves.

5- Price of pneumatic angle seat valve

Pneumatic angle seat valve is also used quite popular, its price is also very competitive and attractive as the control ball valve. But compared to the ball valve, it is used a lot less, but the quality is not inferior to the control ball valve.


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