Pressure reducing valves and common failures

In the process of selling and consulting valves for the system that we have implemented, we often encounter problems of pressure reducing valves – pressure valves are often broken, leaking, and disc failure. Occurs in plants that use heat, compress air. Pressure reducing valves in Vietnam



Through observation and physical inspection, we find that the majority of problems that cause these errors have two main causes. We will analyze more closely to show you:


1- Using low-quality pressure reducing valve: To save costs, many customers using low-quality pressure reducing valves from Chinese manufacturers do not know, low reliability will lead to quick replacement time. than usual, causing downtime and affecting the production process.

2- Using the wrong pressure reducing valve: Using the wrong pressure reducing valve causes damage to the spring of the valve or installing a poor quality Y filter resulting in dust and sediment causing disc jam, causing disc warping leading to damaged.


To extend maintenance time, replace pressure reducing valve – pressure relief valve You should use famous pressure reducing valve such as Japanese Yoshitake pressure reducing valve with models GP-1000, GP-1000 EN HEN, GP-1001 GP -1001EN, GP-2000, pressure reducing valve GD-200H, YNV in Korea. In addition, it must be combined with quality Y Yoshitake SY-40 filter and water separator in front of pressure reducing valve to achieve high efficiency.



Please refer to the following diagram of the pressure reducing valve system: Pressure reducing valves in Vietnam

pressure reducing valve in vietnam

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